Edwards Architecture - Greengates
Edwards Architecture - Greengates
Edwards Architecture - Greengates
Edwards Architecture - Greengates

About Greengates

Greengates, is a 24,000ft² office designed for Derwentside Homes, utilises a number of cutting edge renewable technologies and achieves a BREEAM rating of excellent. This has been achieved through the careful balance of thermal performance and a number of cautious design choices.
The design incorporates clerestory glazing which invites natural light deep into the building, minimising the need for artificial light, while the green roof improves overall insulation values while providing natural rainwater attenuation. Additionally the use of ground source heat pumps and thermal mass help both heat and cool the space in an environmental sound and cost effective manor.
The building is designed around a central circular atrium with two wings branching from it. This central atrium is the heart of the building, providing an administration area, cafe and conference room as well as the main circulation.

Other work

We also worked along side Derwentside Homes and Gailford Try when developing Lynwood Care VillageWillow Burn Hospice and Mill Rise.

Greengates, Derwentside Offices

Stanley, Durham

Client: Derwentside Homes
Contractor: Galiford Try
Status: Complete
Value: £5.1 million